client experiences!

What a difference this type of help was! Stephanie provides this unique alternative to therapy, or couples therapy if you are a couple. She gave specific strategies and we stopped arguing as much by strengthening our communication, our intimacy increased, and now we enjoy each other more with peace and calm. Forget traditional couples therapy, this alternative Strategic Relationship Consulting will help you quickly. I was happily surprised at what was accomplished and what changed in such a short time.

IAM, California

Our goals were to save our marriage. We needed help communicating and working towards a resolution.

Stephanie was the first Strategic Relationship Consultant we have had that gave us direct feedback during our sessions. She worked with us on listening to each other and really taking in the information. She helped us find each other again and build on the friendship that we had let slip away of the years.

Stephanie is a great support for people who really want to try to rebuild and stay together. She is very professional in her approach to working with couples. Stephanie helped me be less emotional and more logical about working through our issues. She was instrumental in revealing a new path for our marriage going forward.

I no longer wake up resentful and angry. We are rebuilding our lives together in a new way. She has helped me find my voice again. My husband and I are using the communication skills daily and are rediscovering each other all over again.

Stephanie was the consultant we have needed for some time. We have never had such direct and useful feedback from anyone we had seen over our 25 year marriage. Stephanie’s fresh approach was encouraging from the initial meeting through to the final session. I really thought that divorce was our only option until Stephanie and her program. I truly thank Stephanie for saving our union.

Susan, California

I think Stephanie’s whole approach was so impactful for us. The fact that she has designed this course to be almost a bootcamp in successful communication instead of a traditional therapy really helped put solid action plans together and have a literal list of strategies that we still use when we stumble. Stephanie’s strategies are very transferable to other parts of our lives and we are continuously finding ways to make use of the things she taught us. Specifically, the “100% honesty” is something we use DAILY and not just with each other! I’ve been using it with my parents as well!

Stephanie is someone who absolutely LOVES what she does and you can tell it just radiates out of her. She was so empathetic to our struggles while being very logical with our solutions (or ‘resolutions!’ as we like to call them now!). I love that she asked a lot of clarifying questions because you could tell that she REALLY wanted to make sure she was understanding us correctly.

She was always so prepared and often went over our allotted time just to make sure we got the most our of our sessions – especially when one of us was struggling! The communication between my husband and I has enhanced astronomically and we feel like we will be ready when the time comes to welcome a new family member. Since a lot of Stephanie’s strategies are so transferable to other parts of our lives (friendships, workplace…etc) we’re also finding a better way to deal with things that we didn’t even think of before!

I would absolutely recommend Stephanie’s course to ANY couple and not just couple’s who are struggling. The sessions brought us closer together and gave us a greater sense of being on the same team and being a FAMILY instead of two individuals living their lives together. We absolutely love Stephanie!

Steph, California

Finally someone gets it! I was looking for a couples therapist, but worried it would be all talk, venting, and the past. A friend told me about Stephanie’s Strategic Relationship Consulting and we decided to try it. It is completely different than couples therapy or marriage counseling for premarital help. She gives you strategies to work on during the week and I can’t tell you how helpful they are in so many ways. I wasn’t sure at first since it was so different, but working with her made all of the difference in my relationship. I am now going into my wedding and marriage feeling stronger than ever!

Michelle, California

Stephanie is my number one go to referral for couples wanting to increase the quality of their relationships and to not just talk about what is wrong in the relationship. She’s fantastic in working with singles that are dating, premarital couples, to long term couples and married couples. Talking and understanding is one thing – however Stephanie creates a concrete path with specific actions resulting in real- time change! I love referring to Stephanie because my clients experience actual change and are working with a true professional who is seasoned, experienced, and passionate about relationship work.

Elly, California

My husband & I have nearly completed Stephanie’s 3-month program and it’s improved our relationship very much! We’re both in our 40’s, met quite young & have been married over 20 years, so we are pretty set in our ways. While we love eachother very much, in the last few years things have been tough, made even tougher by living & working in close quarters due to the pandemic. We had been having many issues, fighting a lot, and things had gotten pretty dire.

While I knew we really needed couples counseling, I was really anxious to start due to a not so good experience with a previous therapist. I spoke with Stephanie twice on the phone before our first session and she put me at ease. She’s friendly and easy to talk to and her strategies are extremely helpful!

Some of the sessions were tough and emotional, and for a while things got worse with so many issues coming to the surface. But it was 100% worth it. 3 month later, the hubs & I are fighting WAY less, communicating MUCH better & have an all together happier & more peaceful marriage. 🙂 Thank you, Stephanie!

We have made many positive changes; less fighting, more good times, more equality partnership, better communication. This is a great program! If you are having trouble working through problems in you relationship, or just want to learn how to communicate better with your partner, I suggest giving Stephanie a shot. It is 100% worth it.

Katelyn, California

Stephanie helps us like nobody did! Her strategies are right on point, even better than therapy! I can’t thank enough her for all her help. ❤️

Maria, California

Stephanie is deeply passionate about helping make your relationship the best it can be. She is well networked for times when you need other services as part of her program, whether it’s legal, financial, or corporate. She strives to find creative ways to make your relationship better, no matter what relationship and what stage.

Michelle, Colorado

I am not a natural when it comes to dating. I overthink, I spin in circles, and frankly, it’s frustrating. LA is also just a notoriously hard place to date.

Stephanie doesn’t just give you tactics that you can Google. She takes the time to get to know you, what your expectations are, and guides you with a lot of compassion. She’s puts situations into perspectives that puts the ball in your hands, so to speak.

The other part that I find so refreshing is that with Stephanie, it’s not about changing who you are or your wants/needs. She’s not saying “you must compromise and become this other person to fit someone else’s ideal partner.” Rather, she asks you to really think about what is important to you, what you want out of a relationship, and mostly, how to protect your heart.

I thinks Stephanie is great for anyone, single or in a relationship, to work with to foster healthier mindsets when it comes to dating.

Gloria, California

My wife and I tried couples counseling and marriage therapy with a few different therapists. We stopped seeing them as we felt we were spent so much time staying stuck in the problems and things weren’t changing. We were referred to Stephanie by another couple and decided to try this alternative to the traditional type of therapy. The experience was so different and so helpful we started seeing positive changes really quickly. We have connected more and are arguing a lot less. Thank you Stephanie. I can’t recommend Stephanie highly enough! The Strategic Relationship Consultant is the solution.

Ira, California

Stephanie’s strategies were incredibly effective and my wife and I saw positive results very quickly. This was not couples therapy and I found it more effective. She was able to hone in on our specific problems and tailor make strategies to help us… and they worked! We are no longer arguing as we have strengthened our communication. We also were able to connect in a stronger way. Thank you Stephanie for helping my wife any I be able to have the marriage we always wanted!

IM, California

If you are looking for help with your relationship or marriage, don’t think twice and just contact Stephanie. This isn’t therapy, this how to get quick results. We have tried couples counseling and we didn’t get the help we needed. Her unique strategies were what made the difference. Stephanie was empathetic and understanding but she also made the experience enjoyable and fun. Just do it! Sign up!

Marsha, California

As a realtor, I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Mintz, The Strategic Relationship Consultant, and I must say that she is a true gem. Stephanie acts as a liaison with couples going through the divorce process with conflict resolution. Her expertise in this area is truly remarkable, and she is a great asset to lawyers and real estate agents.

Stephanie creates tailor-made strategies for couples going through a divorce, de-escalating the tension they may feel during this painful process. She is personable, discreet, and an excellent communicator, making her an ideal choice for anyone going through a difficult divorce.

I highly recommend Stephanie’s services to anyone looking for quick changes. Her ability to work with couples in a neutral and compassionate manner is truly commendable, and her expertise can help make the divorce process much smoother for everyone involved. Stephanie is definitely the person to call if you are looking for someone to help you navigate this challenging time.

Racquel, California

I so enjoyed my time in Stephanie’s program. She listens to you and tailors a mentoring and coaching program specific to your goals. After this program, I feel more equipped to work through challenges and advocate for myself.

Jordan, Virginia, Political Account Manager