lifetime clients and lifetime referrals!

The Strategic Relationship Consultant, Stephanie Mintz, M.A., LMFT has unique strategies to help companies strengthen their relationships with clients to create ongoing trust and commitment to working together.

lifetime clients and lifetime referrals!

The Strategic Relationship Consultant, Stephanie Mintz, M.A., LMFT has unique strategies to help companies strengthen their relationships with clients to create ongoing trust and commitment to working together.






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  • Plans/Agreements are promises. If one person unilaterally changes, or doesn’t follow through with the agreement, they are breaking a promise. This effects the trust in the relationship going forward. Over time, if someone breaks the promise over and over, the person’s word doesn’t hold value any more. Always make sure that after a plan is made, someone restates the plan and both people vocally out loud, or at the very least in writing, say yes to the plan. This confirmation is important for both people to feel confident going forward.
  • Set the realistic expectations. Explain the process of the work you do and your experience with the trends. Share you will do everything you can to have the process be enjoyable and successful but that this process comes with ups and downs. Talk about how you will do all you can to minimize the difficulties but no matter what you will be there for them during all of it.
  • Talk to them about the “structure” of how you work best. Go over how you communicate, the forms of communication you use or need, times of day with more availability, what to do in emergencies, if you prefer certain formats for items you need, etc. If you have a certain way you communicate that has created difficulties in the past, maybe you are more matter of fact and that has come across as unempathetic in messages, let them know this so they can understand from the beginning your intention is to be efficient with getting things done and it is never meant to be unempathetic. But let them know if they are feeling a negative way, they should talk to you so you can help them. Set the relationship up as a two-way street for both people to feel comfortable speaking up.
  • It is better for people to be happily surprised rather than disappointed, frustrated, or angry. If you are going to estimate a time frame for something, it is better to overestimate how much time something will take and have your client be happy when it happens sooner than their expectation.
  • 100% Honesty strategy is an important step to start your relationship with your client off on a strong foot. Explain to them what 100% Honesty means and why it is important in working together. Then promise them you will always be 100% Honest and ask them to promise you the same.
  • Meet your client where they are at. If something has gone wrong, and/or your client is upset about something, most of the time jumping into problem solving without empathizing first can delay the process of working on a solution. Emphasize and don’t minimize their experience, then take a beat (literally a couple of seconds), and then go into problem solving discussions.
  • Never give your clients an answer if you aren’t sure. Remember the 100% Honesty strategy. Your clients need to be able to trust in what you say. They may not love that you don’t have the answer, but no one has all of the answers all of the time. It is better to be honest and say you need to check on it because then in the future they can trust you when you do give them an answer.
  • As much as you can, respond as soon as possible, even if you don’t have an answer. Your clients will feel taken care of and that you are focusing on them.
  • Give an update to a client even if you don’t have one. Contact them and say I wanted to give you an update. At this time there isn’t anything new, but I am on it and will continue to keep you up to date. This allows your client to know they haven’t been forgotten or that it hasn’t fallen through the cracks and that you care about them and this situation.
  • Your clients hired you for a job, but they have a lot of needs in life. Be their go to person for expertise. Keep great referrals and resources available for your clients in all aspects of their life and business.
  • For both current and old clients, keep notes on aspects about their businesses, preferences, personal likes and dislikes, things they do for fun, their interests, family, friends, travel, celebrations, etc. If you hear about an event, something for business that could help them or something that you know they would personally find helpful or enjoy, send them a quick note. The note isn’t anything long or involved. Doing these random little notes can be better than mailings or newsletters. This shows them that not only were you paying attention when they were working with you, or if you still are, but at times that doesn’t have to do with work you still value them and want them to be happy and successful and are trying to help them.


The more you communicate clearly, keep them updated, allow them to feel seen and heard, make them feel you know what they need better than anyone and you will do all you can to help them succeed… then you are creating a LIFETIME CLIENT who will send you LIFETIME REFERRALS!


My Strategic Relationship Consulting’s unique approach produces quicker results and can be implemented right away. I have found when people are given general concepts for productivity, time management, building stronger client relatinships, etc. long-lasting change doesn’t happen. Employees/Employers don’t have specific steps to follow so they get lost in the “how” to make the changes. Because they are left to figure out the specifics on their own, they fall into their old patterns very quickly and everyone feels like nothing has changed.

In our world today, creating quick change is imperative. My unique approach utilizing my strategies with actionable step-by-step guidelines have proven results to help people and companies thrive!

    My goals were to become a better advocate for myself in my career path and to be better equipped to solve challenges at work. In working with Stephanie, I crafted some unique work-focused initiatives that my boss was impressed by. I feel more confident at work, and I’ve also had some wins including landing a big client and being chosen to represent the company at a summit. I developed a sense of confidence and learned how to share my wins at work in a way that comes across authentically.

    Stephanie is an incredible listener and gets to the root of your needs quickly. She can tailor a program specifically to your goals and help you achieve them week by week. I so enjoyed my time with Stephanie! I’d definitely recommend working with her.

    Jordan O.

    Political Account Manager

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